You have heard it before, but what is it all about?

The coworking concept focuses on self-employed workers, freelancers, creatives, techies, business founders, independent scientists, startups and everyone who wants to escape from home office work and experience a new work style. Most of the coworking space providers rent office desks with infrastructure on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Moreover, coworker value to be part of a community. Instead of working alone from home or to sit in a coffeehouse, we communicate, take part in events or workshops and  establish partnerships. Over the past years, this trend is visible in Germany, too. Meanwhile, more than 300 spaces are spread around Germany and the number increases from day to day.

What makes us so special: we are looking for people for our coworking community, where PROFITABLE is our breeding ground for innovative business ideas and startups. The vital setting to start projects together. 

Based on the results of the third Global Coworking study, coworking has a positive influence on our daily work life:


71% of coworkers claim that the community  fosters creativity.


62% say that the standard of their work has improved because of coworking.


68% believe that they can better concentrate while working in a coworking space. 


64% state that projects can be processed more timely. 


In summer 2015, PROFI TABLE founder Dominik Schleicher had the idea of ​​opening a coworking space for the first time. At that time he was in the founding phase of Schleicher Business Innovation and quickly came to the conclusion that working in the home office is very lonely in the long run. Alternatively, there was the option of office sharing, which is also rather anonymous and often requires long rental periods. Through various business trips abroad, he already knew the concept of "desk sharing" or "coworking". This trend was a great fit with the vision of creating a breeding ground for innovative projects and startups, as the typical coworkers come from the creative, techie or business scene and this combination is perfect for startups. Furthermore, the goal of PROFI TABLE should be to set up a freelancer network in order to manage larger projects together and to complement each other. The idea of ​​PROFI TABLE coworking was born.


A short time later, a suitable property was found in Stuttgart-Degerloch: a former dental laboratory in a convenient location. In October 2015, the starting signal was given for a 4-month, large-scale renovation phase. A complete floor was renovated in the old half-timbered house and individually designed with the help of family, friends and local artisan companies. In doing so, attention was not only paid to high-quality furnishings, but also tasteful interiors were selected to promote creativity in working.


The official opening of PROFI TABLE was on February 15, 2016. Since then we have continued to develop and add new offers and services. For example, there has been another small meeting room and an expanded range of drinks since May 2017.



Dominik Schleicher

Founder & Managing Director


Anika Schleicher

Marketing & PR 


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